Is your website not showing up on Google? Apply these SEO tips!

Daniel Tejedor
Apr 02, 2024By Daniel Tejedor
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Here are some SEO tips to help your website improve its position in search engines like Google:

On-Page Optimization (SEO On-Page):

Understand your audience: Research keywords that people related to your business or website are searching for. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help you identify them [Google Keyword Planner].
Quality content: Create valuable, informative, and interesting content that keeps visitors engaged with your site. Focus on answering your audience's questions.
Keyword optimization: Include the keywords you researched in your website's content naturally, avoiding keyword stuffing.
Title and meta description: Write compelling titles and meta descriptions rich in keywords for each page of your site. These are the texts that appear in search results.
Clear structure: Ensure your website has a clear and easy-to-navigate structure. Users and search engines should easily find what they're looking for.
Mobile optimization: Ensure your website looks and functions seamlessly on mobile devices. Nowadays, most searches are performed on mobile phones.
Loading speed: Optimize your website's images and code for fast loading times. Loading speed is an important factor in SEO ranking.
Off-Page Optimization (SEO Off-Page):

Backlinks: Get other reputable websites to link to yours. Google sees backlinks as votes of confidence and they're a significant factor in SEO ranking.
Regular updates: Update your website with fresh, new content periodically. This shows Google that your website is active and relevant.
Social media: Promote your website on social media to attract traffic and increase its visibility.
These are just some basic SEO tips to improve your website's ranking. Remember, SEO is an ongoing process and the rules are constantly changing.

To stay updated, I recommend consulting resources like Google's [Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide] SEO starter guide